The Mission

Shopping malls are full of walkways used by shoppers, and placing your 'retail offer' in the middle of them makes your retail proposition 'Unmissable'!  it provides you with a low-cost, high impact retail opportunity and presence by 'distrupting' the foot flow with minimal marketing effort. It's a perfect place to start and showcase your retail offer!

Our Mission is to help you 'unlock' the potential of mall retailing!

Sky Experience

What We Can Do For You


Locate Space

We can find the right space inside Shopping Centre that best fits your retail proposition


Secure Terms

Right space demands right terms. We will negotiate the best commercial terms for you and see you through the legal process to completion.



Kiosk design is no longer just about aesthetics. We can assist you with designing the right kiosk that optimises space, look & feel and operational requirements.


Value engineering

Helping you identify the right Build materials, Kiosk manufacturer and equipment provider, that will meet your budget, Brand and design guidelines.


Deliver & Install

Project Manage the complete Fit-out and Kiosk/Shop installation process.


Operational Efficiency

Help you with putting the right systems and processes in place that optimises your retail environment and drives cost savings. Example: Repairs and maintenance process and providers.